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Quick Mars mod

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Being brave.. 🙂 (mars look) not video aiming..













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Haha, you're a true pioneer 😉


 If you check terrain.cpp it'll show you which values are changing the terrain case, resutling in different terrains chosen.


 EG: Changing volatile liquids or life or any other value besides seed can change the terrain case. You should set the values to the type of world you want and then play with dfferent seeds.  Seeds such as 1 or 2 have just as much chance of being good as 2457217364 or some other crazy number  😉


 A typical desert (real-world mars vs Pioneer terraformed mars) world requires : ((body->m_volatileLiquid < fixed(1,10)) && (body->m_volatileGas > fixed(1,5)))

                                                         volatle liquid < 0.1              volatile gasses > 0.2

 But due to the terrain cases above it, it must also have (body->m_life < fixed(1,10))  (life < 0.1)


 With those values, changing seeds will swap between these terrains:



It will also change the colour a bit, as colour choices change based on seed.


 However at some point it seemed like a cool idea to terraform mars 🙂  So mars was given different values which select terrain from a different terrain case.


Such as:


(volatile gas > 0.1  &  life > 0.1) Which is classed as a marginally habitable world and will select terrain from the following choices:





Mars with it's 0.15 life and 0.49 atmosphere still falls under that case, but if life is raised to >0.2, mars then falls under a different terrain case with different terrain selection.


Edit:  Actually, is that a bug or..?  Your pics 2+3 and 4+5 respectively share seeds with each other but the pictures are sufficiently different, almost like a different terrain is chosen. However the other planet values have not changed enough to warrant a change of terrain case.

 Are those pics of the same planet terrain but just at a different angle? 🙂

 (Basically, changing planetary values small amounts should not change a planet's terrain, only modify the existing one through different colours or more exaggerated heights.  *Providing that the values do not change enough to warrant a new terrain class*. )



Ramblings:   A problem I can see with terrain at the moment, is that a lot of terrain types are in terrain classes that they have no buisiness being in. Really a terrain class needs only the terrains that were created for that type of world...  Another thing on my list 🙂

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Seems like volatile liquid and life can change terrain in addition to seed. (haven't dug in the code) just by playing the numbers.

Crust metallicity tuens it more red/yellow.

I've disabled hyperjump requirement checking in ship.cpp so I can travel anywhere in an instant. And I can find alot of planets that is almost identical.

I wish they were abit more random. 🙂

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