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Open-world Overhaul Update #3 & 'Paradijs Lost' Part 2

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The latest from project Overhaul as we present to you the third and juiciest update so far. As well as the latest developments there are a number of GIFs showing off zone switching, and procedural generated landscapes; really, it's a must see! Check it out.
"But we need to keep the maps fresh. One thing we learned from the current alpha is that isolated clusters of rocks and gas do little to create a juicy landscape (so to speak.) So we’re now using fractal algorithms to forge interesting shapes and obstacles in the new arenas, and have other tricks up our sleeve to ensure the landscape remains fresh and challenging."
The action hots up as Eve makes a break to leave Eden, but with the might of the Pleiades authority against her – will she make it? Not without help that’s for sure… This is Part 2 of the latest Shallow Space lore-building tale ‘Paradijs Lost.'
"Eve froze in shock, unable to move or scream, just watch as the pink mist settled and the headless cadaver collapsed at her feet.
The second policemen had already started moving, diving down while he pulled a pistol from under his coat. He fired a shot, the report echoing off the obsidian, the flash blinding Eve’s night vision. A sickening double thud then silence. Eve stared, waiting for her night vision to return. The second agent was lying down. The prone position for a steady aim. But why wasn’t he firing?"