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Hell Galaxy

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Great art style and by the look of it, probably a Everspace clone in the control method. you can find a demo on Steam  HELL GALAXY on Steam ( but apparently it's a bit buggy and the game should be out sometime this year.

from Steam.

Unique Blend Of Genres

Hell Galaxy combines the excitement of space combat, the intensity of a scary theme, and the complexity of an RPG, creating an unparalleled and unpredictable gameplay experience. Anticipate an adrenaline-fueled blend of genres like no other.

Extensive customization

Players can tailor their spaceship and armory to their preferred combat strategy, adapting to the ever-changing threats of the cosmos. The extensive customization significantly impacts gameplay and strategy, providing high replayability and player choice.

Deep Economy

Our intricate systems of mining, looting, and crafting ensure constant new objectives to pursue and strategies to refine. These features considerably extend the game's longevity, offering players a variety of ways to progress.



Explore a massive, enigmatic universe teeming with spectral titans and uncover the secrets nestled in the depths of space. The mysterious element of exploration adds a layer of intrigue that continually piques player curiosity.

Incredible Visuals

Hell Galaxy delivers a breath-taking visual experience, complete with detailed graphics, engulfing atmospheres, and striking visual effects that transport you to the heart of the action. The stunning visuals amplify immersion in the game's cosmic, horror-tinged environment.

Innovative Combat Mechanic

Our unique combat mechanic provides a balanced mixture of high-speed space action and realistic flight dynamics, elevating space battles to an entirely new level. This innovative mechanic makes combat more exhilarating and challenging, offering a fun and engaging way to skirmish in the cosmos.



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