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A simple 2D Elite clone, looks like it been around for a couple of years on and popped up on Steam last Nov.

Don't think it covered before but these games start to look all the same after a while, it's pretty cheap but it wont offer you anything you have not seen 50 times before.

From Steam

Warp into a busy galaxy with nothing but your wits and a tiny ship. Explore sectors, mine asteroids, take on faction missions, sell resources and upgrade your loadout. Earn the respect of a faction to unlock new weapons and ships. Attack other ships and steal their resources but beware: factions won't tolerate hostility for long without retaliation. Masteroid is an atmospheric, indie 2D space game with procedurally-generated sectors and casual, relaxed gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Procedurally Generated Game World: Masteroid randomly generates up to six sectors for two unique factions at the start of every game so every new game is unique.
  • Upgrade Your Ship: Every ship you see in space can be purchased and outfitted, provided you have the faction reputation!
  • Upgrade Your Weapons: Ships have one or more turrets. Buy and equip weapons but make sure your ship has the energy to fire them!
  • Relaxed Gameplay: No permadeath here. Death results in a loss of any cargo and a small cash penalty. You can play the game as passively or aggressively as you like.
  • Faction Reputation: Sell mined resources, kill enemy ships or run missions to earn reputation points for a faction. Higher levels unlock better weapons and ships.
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