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Interstellar Pilot 2

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Bills itself as the hit mobile game now coming to PC, what happened to the first one?. Interstellar Pilot 2 on Steam (

Looks likes an free roaming open world game with some X games shenanigans throw into the mix.


From Steam.


Sol sector, 2200.

Earth is ravaged by war and depleted natural resources. Despite advances in propulsion technology, humankind has failed to reach the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. What scarce minerals can be found in the Sol system are dominated by emerging pirate factions.

A mysterious wormhole appears in the rings of Saturn with no explanation. Early pioneers venture through and report back the discovery of the star system of Gatopea, an area of space never before observed from Earth's telescopes.

Earth's nations establish the Terran Expeditionary Force, a massive fleet of scientific and naval vessels tasked with breaking out of Sol and establishing a secure and permanent colony in Gatopea. With all hope extinguished of salvaging Earth, the fate of humankind rests in the new frontier...

Learn to fly your starship in TEF's new flight school and then head out into the stars.
There are huge open-worlds to explore with hundreds of roaming NPCs.
Play how you like... become a mercenary, trader, miner, bounty hunter or passenger transporter. Or wage war and conquer the universe.


• Pilot ships from a small shuttle to huge capital ships
• Build an empire from the ground up
• Construct factories
• Capture sectors
• Sandbox mode - create your own universe
• Scripted scenarios
• Detailed spaceship models
• Tutorial system
• Cinematic visuals
• High quality 3D audio

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