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Stellar Wanderer

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Recall having this on the Christmas list about two years ago, game still not out, just a planned date of next year but does now have a demo to download and try. Stellar Wanderer on Steam (

Looks to be a fairly standard Elite clone.

From Steam

Stellar Wanderer is a beautiful old-school space combat sim set in a vast open-world universe.

Grow your skills and pick the best path that suits your play style. Choose your class as a FighterTraderTank or Engineer - each with its own bonuses and special abilities. Follow the story line or choose your favorite side missions. Prove your space flight skills, mine for resources, transport merchandise, be a respected bounty hunter or even become the most dangerous pirate in the galaxy!

Experience a variety of gorgeous space sets, each with several interest points. Earn credits for the ship of your choice or choose multiple ships. Tune your ship with more than 100 items!

• Story mode with 10 hours of gameplay and voice acting.
• Choose your class between Fighter, Trader, Tank or Engineer.
• Buy a variety of ships with unique characteristics.
• Dock to deep space stations to find the best weapons, shields, engines and upgrades for your ship(s).
• Explore space systems with gorgeous visuals and unique atmosphere.
• Mine valuable minerals on contract or just for yourself.
• Hunt renegades and fight space pirates.
• Protect friendly ships or escort them across dangerous zones.
• Haul goods across star systems or make emergency medical transports (just make sure you properly stash that occasional contraband - wink).
• Prove your flight skills in... space races!
• Use immersive cockpit or third person view.
• Play with mouse and keyboard or with any Xbox-type controller. Or better yet... with your HOTAS joystick!



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99 Star General Site Moderator
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Not had time to play a lot of the demo but sofar it's not bad although the pirates will kill you in an instance once you start firing at them.

I would say the game shows a lot of promise if you don't mind the dated look of the game.