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X4 - Cradle of Humanity DLC

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The visuals are looking nice, guess that v4.0 update will be a nice one for everyone.

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It's sure that Egosoft has improved the series since the initial X series through X-Rebirth and Foundations, but I wonder if the company will ever make the big step and include planet exploration and station building planetside in the game, all other good space games like No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous offer such a feature. They talk about 'Terraforming', that sounds good but not so convincing like planet exploration.

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I agree, wandering around on planets has always been missed in the X Series. For what it is worth, I hope that is the next step they take.

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How would they work planets into the game, given that the X game are not really about exploring more about building fleets and gathering resources.

I can see that having a base on a planet might work as it would be the same as a station in that you bring materials and it produces something and the terraforming would work as you could set up a base and bring materials to to it, but it could be done on single screen or an small 3D area surrounding the base, would their be a need for a full planet.

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New trailer for the DLC and should be out on the 16 of March according to Steam.


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I like this trailer a lot, visuals look great and I enjoyed all the derelict stuff they had in there and of course those big ships at the end.... like I always say I guess I need to sit down and play these games I own them all but this one 😉


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Some here I sucked in by the visual of the game but I really just can't stand the gameplay of the X games.

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Posted by: @sscadmin

I like this trailer a lot, visuals look great and I enjoyed all the derelict stuff they had in there and of course those big ships at the end.... like I always say I guess I need to sit down and play these games I own them all but this one 😉


Heh, I had the exact opposite reaction.  X4 is the only X game I've played, and I've been playing a lot of it recently in lead up to the CoH release.

My immediate reaction when watching that trailer was 'wow, this video makes the game looks worse than it actually is'. It is probably just because the trailer lacks the sense of scale that playing the game first-person imparts, thus killing the sense of awe I get while playing.

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Posted by: @blah64

It is probably just because the trailer lacks the sense of scale that playing the game first-person imparts, thus killing the sense of awe I get while playing.

I haven't played much of any of the games but they have always had a scale too them and I would agree the games almost seem too big in the 3rd person or cockpit view because of the size of the sectors, stations or planets. i have always thought Egosoft did a good job at creating scale/vastness of space. And I still got that from watching this trailer, I will still pick this up when the collector edition comes out with all the DLC. But those stations in this trailer look plain massive and I could probably spend 30mins just flying around them. I know everyones tastes are different I just hope their station side mechanics have improved since X:R 🙂

Oh CoH released today as well and you should see the patch notes for the 4.0 update .... Wow they were busy..... they deserve a purchase just because of this 😉

Version 4.00 (432831) - 2021-03-16

  • New Feature: Terraforming!
  • New Feature: Coordinated Attack option for fleet commanders.
  • New Feature: Volumetric fog makes space look even better.
  • New Feature: Transaction Log for detailed breakdown of income and outgoings.
  • New Feature: Message system for important communications from NPCs.
  • New Feature: New Hostile relation status on map and HUD to indicate objects with which combat is likely.
  • New Feature: Emergency eject.
  • Added area damage to capital ship engines exhaust.
  • Added possibility for crew to bail when under attack by NPCs.
  • Added possibility for NPC factions to claim abandoned ships.
  • Added available habitation capacity for race as workforce growth rate influence.
  • Added Mark as Hostile option to Interact menu.
  • Added Fire Authorisation Overrides providing control over whether ships should attack other factions.
  • Added option to declare war on another faction.
  • Added ability for player to set global policy and per-ship overrides governing response to attack.
  • Added player faction to blacklist options.
  • Added options to use faction and sector lists in Blacklists as whitelists.
  • Added Assist assignment for subordinates of ships.
  • Added Follow assignment for ships subordinate to other ships.
  • Added trade assignments for mining ships.
  • Added sync point management to Object Behaviour menu.
  • Added option to have player-owned police collect or ignore crates dropped by apprehended smugglers rather than destroying them.
  • Added option to lock paint modifications per ship excluding them from changes to default.
  • Added setting for default ship weapon and turret behaviour.
  • Added option to set preferred build method.
  • Added construction plan shuffle option to player HQ.
  • Added option to quickly reassemble equipment mods.
  • Added ability to store crew information alongside saved loadouts (only applied when building new ships).
  • Added ability to store weapon mode and ammo settings with saved loadouts and apply them in ship build/upgrade process.
  • Added option to temporarily disable cover faction mode in Map.
  • Added Set Guidance option on superhighway gates.
  • Added Interact Menu option to Claim abandoned ships with player-owned ships.
  • Added Interact menu option to add ships directly to your squad.
  • Added change override order option to Interact menu.
  • Added option to Interact menu to remove current Dock and Wait order and resume default behaviour.
  • Added Interact menu option for sectors to show Encyclopedia entry.
  • Added Rename Interact menu option for player-owned sectors.
  • Added Escort missions.
  • Added mission offers for factions which are at enemy relations to player but not actively hostile.
  • Added helpful ship computer warnings to Paranid story maze mission.
  • Added ability for Duke's Buccaneers and Duke's Tempest to rebuild HQ.
  • Added guaranteed completion rewards for all guild mission chains.
  • Added mixed cash and non-cash rewards to generic missions at higher faction ranks.
  • Added paint mod rewards to first Split plot investment mission.
  • Added paint mod rewards to Paranid plot and subsequent diplomatic investment missions.
  • Added fleet and assignment info next to ship icon on Map.
  • Added possibility to restore minimized Map with Quick Action Menu shortcut.
  • Added search functionality to Encyclopedia.
  • Added race information to Encyclopedia.
  • Added contested sector information to Object Info menu and Encyclopedia.
  • Added descriptions for licences and blueprints in faction representative menus.
  • Added information about sectors and blacklists to Trade menu.
  • Added shield recharge delay info to Encyclopedia.
  • Added separate entries for large and medium turrets in Encyclopedia.
  • Added sunlight information to sector Encyclopedia entries and Plot Management menu.
  • Added estimated build time to station module information in Encyclopedia.
  • Added mining resource information to Sector Info menu and Encyclopedia entries.
  • Added separate choices for best engine and thruster for velocity-related properties in Encyclopedia.
  • Added optimal workforce info to production modules in Encyclopedia and Station Build menu.
  • Added product cycle time to production module Encyclopedia entries.
  • Added research and associated resources to Logical Station Overview.
  • Added information about workforce efficiency and changes to Logical Station Overview menu.
  • Added sunlight information to Energy Cell production nodes in Logical Station Overview.
  • Added shortcut to Research menu from HQ-related menus, e.g. Logical Station Overview.
  • Added information about hacked build modules to Logical Station Overview and Ship Configuration menu.
  • Added shortcuts from Logical Station Overview to create and edit trade rules.
  • Added mouseover text for storage amounts in Logical Station Overview.
  • Added Accessibility Settings in Options Menu.
  • Added sub-categories to Blueprint Trade menu.
  • Added option to sort Object List by relation.
  • Added Logbook tab to Object Information menu.
  • Added shortcuts in Object Information menu to show commander or subordinates of ships and stations on Map
  • Added information about equipment compatibility to Ship and Station Configuration menus.
  • Added search by maker race in module and equipment lists of Ship and Station Configuration menus.
  • Added strafe and shield recharge data to Ship Configuration and Comparison menus.
  • Added check for whether Builder is required in Station Build menu.
  • Added summary of workforce info to Habitation Modules section in Station Build menu.
  • Added plot licence price display while placing new station plot.
  • Added separate inventory category for paint modifications.
  • Added confirmation request when clearing logbook entries.
  • Added mouseover text showing details for station account estimates in Info menu.
  • Added tooltip for amount of reserved wares in ware exchange menu.
  • Added placeholder image when no video is available in personnel overview.
  • Added option to play message videos full-screen.
  • Added links to Encyclopedia for important items in mission objectives.
  • Added object ID code to upkeep mission list.
  • Added additional support to navigate complex menus (e.g. map) with controller or keyboard.
  • Added horizontal scrolling in flowcharts (Shift+Mouse Wheel).
  • Added message when quick-save fails due to saving not being possible.
  • Added optional warning about modified game client.
  • Added visualisation for nearby Data or Signal Leaks, and for Long Range Scan charge state.
  • Added audio and visual feedback when entering damaging area.
  • Added shield impact effects.
  • Improved combat simulation when player is not present.
  • Improved Kha'ak presence and behaviour.
  • Improved armament of Xenon stations.
  • Improved laser tower targeting.
  • Improved behaviour of pirates hacking station storage.
  • Improved behaviour of subordinates in fleets with fleet auxiliary ships to prefer those ships for resupply.
  • Improved capital ship subordinate behaviour to ignore subordinate group docked/launched state.
  • Improved disengaging from combat in response to relations with target improving to non-hostile level.
  • Improved mineral mining with non-capital ships when player is present.
  • Improved mining AI to better balance travel distance and resource yields between local and remote sectors.
  • Improved mining ship detection and handling of extensive mining operations depleting local areas completely.
  • Improved behaviour of mining ships when using resource probes.
  • Improved station-based miners working for stations that require more than one mineable ware.
  • Improved player-owned drone behaviour so that inventory items are transferred directly to player when docking at player ship.
  • Improved handling of ships sold by player to ensure their new owner recovers resources.
  • Improved trade offer prioritisation when station does not have sufficient funds to pay for everything it needs.
  • Improved shipyard generation to provide more dock capacity for medium ships (new game only).
  • Improved behaviour of recon and police ships to reduce chances of investigating incidents away from densely-inhabited portions of sectors.
  • Improved relative resource distribution for ship-building stations.
  • Improved collision detection while in spacesuit.
  • Improved capital ship inter-sector movement.
  • Improved cases where ships preferred highways too much over direct route.
  • Improved capital ship combat movement.
  • Improved flight movement for ships docking on capital ships.
  • Improved balancing of mining activities.
  • Improved build plot price balancing by taking into account sector population.
  • Improved balancing of relation penalty on destruction of drones and laser towers.
  • Improved workforce balancing by increasing both impact of local population and effect on production.
  • Improved workforce balancing by increasing both food requirements and efficiency bonus.
  • Improved numbers of NPCs on docks to better reflect workforce levels and generally make things livelier.
  • Improved effect of crew skill and resource probe usage on mining efficiency.
  • Improved output of stations producing workforce resources to counter universal food shortage.
  • Improved balancing of mining resource yields and replenishment rates.
  • Improved timing of Fallen Families raider activation.
  • Improved balancing of Unfolded Potential and An Ethical Challenge missions by reducing requirements for crystals and sedatives.
  • Improved balancing of The Mediators, The Insurgence, Fires of Fate and Declaration of Curbs missions by reducing fleet delivery requirements and power of enemy fleets.
  • Improved clarity of conversation tooltip about requirements to start Paranid plot.
  • Improved Hatikvah story mission to scan data leak at Scale Plate station.
  • Improved diversity of paint mod rewards between guild subscriptions.
  • Improved reputation rewards for Escalation path of Paranid story diplomatic missions.
  • Improved survivability of Duke's Haven by preventing Godrealm and Holy Order from invading until Gathering Storm mission is complete.
  • Improved pacing of Lasting Vengeance mission by automatically removing Nav Beacons after scan.
  • Improved Deploy Resource Probe upkeep mission handling.
  • Improved communications scenes for NPCs by adding their real environment.
  • Improved design of New Game menu.
  • improved Extensions menu with more details and added toggle in extension list.
  • Improved Options menu display when changing subscription status of workshop extensions in Steam while game is running.
  • Improved Account Management menu.
  • Improved order of ship entries in Blueprint Trade menu.
  • Improved display of mission trade offers in trade context menu
  • Improved news notifications about faction activity to filter by local area unless war subscriptions are in place.
  • Improved lists in menus of queued ships under construction to be more concise.
  • Improved scrolling of multi-line texts in menus with controller and keyboard.
  • Improved display of production cycle information in Encyclopedia ware entries.
  • Improved warnings about missing storage space in Logical Station Overview.
  • Improved tooltip when trying to reassign for busy ship traders.
  • Improved layout of resource needs in Station Build menu.
  • Improved smoothness when panning, rotating or scrolling busy Map displays.
  • Improved station editor to allow more zoom-in.
  • Improved Mission Offer and Manager menus to only show alternative guidance if mission briefing is visible.
  • Improved mission icons.
  • Improved character lighting in communications scenes.
  • Improved external camera behaviour when target is destroyed.
  • Improved appearance of asteroid fields by fading in objects.
  • Improved volume and variety of Trader's Corner music.
  • Changed L gas miners to require mining drones for effective mining.
  • Changed guidance and autopilot to no longer use unknown gates or superhighways.
  • Changed order of tabs in Player Information menu.
  • Removed option to drop cargo from units
  • Removed incorrect interact menu options for drones.
  • Removed laser towers from ship categories in Encyclopedia.
  • Removed Think map filter category and moved those entries to Other category.
  • Fixed ships warping when exiting local highway while player is inside same highway.
  • Fixed S/M ships not able to approach and dock properly on enclosed docking bays.
  • Fixed ships sometimes not being able to dock on capital ships.
  • Fixed ships holding up docks for long periods of time.
  • Fixed AI orders and player teleport sometimes not considering sector to be in range.
  • Fixed AI ships sometimes taking longer route than they should.
  • Fixed Attack subordinates sometimes not attacking their commander's target.
  • Fixed attacking combat ships halting or fleeing in response to police ordering them to halt.
  • Fixed boarding ships launching extra empty boarding pods if they are already ready to launch at start of operation.
  • Fixed skilled marines causing more damage when claiming than marines with less skill.
  • Fixed changes to defence drone modes not registering when defence drones are disarmed.
  • Fixed claiming of abandoned ships with marines.
  • Fixed efficiency bonus from workforce not being applied if productions were not running during shift change.
  • Fixed idling ships sometimes wandering off.
  • Fixed ships retrieved from storage sometimes being rotated by 180 degrees.
  • Fixed miners subordinate to stations in hostile sectors refusing to work in their commanders' sectors.
  • Fixed subordinates set to supply fleet not getting appropriate assignment if set via order queue menu.
  • Fixed turrets on ship that player is personally flying firing on wrecks.
  • Fixed ware transfer sometimes stalling when involving one ship docked at another.
  • Fixed weapons sometimes recovering from overheating too late.
  • Fixed cases of many NPC subordinate ships being ordered at shipyards but never assigned to commander.
  • Fixed ship traders getting stuck indefinitely attempting to build costly ships.
  • Fixed software upgrades on resupply ships not starting.
  • Fixed subordinates with assignment Mimic Behaviour assigned to free traders not trading even if requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Fixed turrets sometimes aiming at empty space when attacking large target.
  • Fixed Teladi Trading Stations not being equipped with shields or turrets.
  • Fixed trade loops failing to trade with station build storage.
  • Fixed ships with destroyed engines continuing to move.
  • Fixed inability to scan ships multiple times.
  • Fixed another case of subordinates attacking ships beyond pursuit range.
  • Fixed customs searches on player-owned stations in player-owned sectors ordering player-owned ships to drop illegal wares.
  • Fixed police ships sometimes policing sectors where they are not police.
  • Fixed changing ship assignments not changing their default behaviour appropriately.
  • Fixed ongoing research still allocating space for resources.
  • Fixed aim prediction for weapons on rotating objects.
  • Fixed turret aiming against large targets.
  • Fixed autopilot sometimes flying back into jumpgate it just exited.
  • Fixed defence drones escorting ship not responding to attacks on their fleets.
  • Fixed subordinates temporarily taken control over by player sometimes failing to reintegrate into their old command hierarchy.
  • Fixed player-owned stations repeatedly transferring small amounts to player's account if last player-initiated cash transfer was much less than required operating budget.
  • Fixed traders refusing to trade with blacklisted objects after having been given explicit trade order.
  • Fixed automated traders trading with clients after they have moved to blacklisted sector.
  • Fixed station-based traders restricting baskets to shortage wares that they are not authorised to trade.
  • Fixed construction vessels remaining in unsafe locations when expanding station plots.
  • Fixed construction vessels not disengaging when becoming enemy with assigned station.
  • Fixed stations continuing to fire on targets that change ownership to non-hostile faction.
  • Fixed ongoing research still allocating space for resources.
  • Fixed NPC getting stuck in tool pickup loop.
  • Fixed objects with hull values over 100%.
  • Fixed subordinates sometimes randomly going hostile against their commanders' former targets.
  • Fixed incorrect auto-aim when rolling while pitched up or down.
  • Fixed missing scanner on Split space suits.
  • Fixed Split L Dumbfire Turrets not firing.
  • Fixed player ship becoming uncontrollable when pressing undock key (Shift+D) while already undocking.
  • Fixed attacking ships that are not authorised to engage other targets engaging them anyway.
  • Fixed half of ships in local highway being killed when player leaves.
  • Fixed launched defence drones pursuing targets beyond engagement range.
  • Fixed subordinates whose commanders are in blacklisted sectors not operating in their commanders' sectors.
  • Fixed stations not accounting for defence drones when dealing damage while player is not present.
  • Fixed stations with missile turrets on automatic supply not requesting missile resources.
  • Fixed player-owned auto-miners and auto-traders finding sectors that are not yet known to player.
  • Fixed additional gas mining drones on large gas miners not contributing to mining speed.
  • Fixed trade offers being sometimes shown as hostile when standing on another faction's property.
  • Fixed trade subscription not being offered when teleporting to station where you receive promotion.
  • Fixed station producing required building materials not being able to transfer them to build storage if it has insufficient funds.
  • Fixed stations automatically reassigning mining ships to mine for them.
  • Fixed assigning employee as Individual Trainee not working.
  • Fixed being able to walk through walls by moving very slowly.
  • Fixed heat build-up of beam weapons.
  • Fixed subordinates sometimes not clearing reservations on reassignment.
  • Fixed mining lasers dealing excessive damage against enemies when player not present.
  • Fixed ships without weapons or turrets being able to mine asteroids.
  • Fixed ships not consuming countermeasures when player not present.
  • Fixed stations not using their turrets under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed remotely viewed objects not shooting under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed excessive workforce reduction when insufficient resources are available.
  • Fixed player ship getting pushed when getting up while flying relative to moving object.
  • Fixed player spacesuit getting pushed when moving away from player ship while flying relative to moving object.
  • Fixed savegames where large number of factories have been built by factions for no reason.
  • Fixed ships with automated default behaviours sometimes ignoring certain sectors.
  • Fixed NPCs appearing on player owned stations generally being all of one race.
  • Fixed fleet commanders using their piloting skill rather than their combined skill for determining validity of formation shapes.
  • Fixed subordinates assigned to commanders that have bailed becoming completely unresponsive.
  • Fixed range calculation issues with capital ships attacking stations.
  • Fixed ships sent to be recycled sometimes blocking dock.
  • Fixed possibility to queue multiple repair orders for same ship.
  • Fixed not being able to personally claim ownerless capital ships.
  • Fixed lockboxes accumulating when saving and loading repeatedly.
  • Fixed HQ Research Module sometimes being incorrectly named.
  • Fixed non-capital mineral mining ships with mining turrets but no forward-mounted mining lasers failing to mine when player not present.
  • Fixed manually setting storage allocation for products/intermediates removing automatic sell offers.
  • Fixed Kha'ak rebuilding station modules excessively quickly.
  • Fixed fleet auxiliary ships becoming unresponsive when two of them are added to fleet while distant from one another.
  • Fixed saves with missing HQ science labs after building from plan (root cause may not be fixed).
  • Fixed mission trade offers not being shown if player has no trade offer subscription at relevant station.
  • Fixed weapon aim indicators not darkening under certain conditions when target is out of range.
  • Fixed newly installed weapon not being displayed in weapon panel when upgrading currently controlled ship.
  • Fixed broken weapon panel when removing weapon from currently controlled ship.
  • Fixed icons on Map shaking because of unintentional damage.
  • Fixed station geometry on Map still including certain ships even after they have undocked.
  • Fixed some system borders appearing too bright on Map.
  • Fixed incorrect error message about missing trade information in Trade menu.
  • Fixed ETAs for ware reservations by player ships.
  • Fixed subordinates with assignment Attack failing to attack fleet target if assigned to fleet in different sector that is already attacking.
  • Fixed traders subordinate to fleet auxiliary ships searching for trades from their current sector rather than that of their commander.
  • Fixed mining ships with low-skilled crews picking up empty asteroid chunks.
  • Fixed player ship warping when flying relative to object with dock permission as it enters gate.
  • Fixed drones or ammunition sometimes not being constructed from available cargo while there are trade deals to buy at least one relevant ware.
  • Fixed Black Marketeers sometimes not having correct race for their faction.
  • Fixed faction representatives not being respawned after loading certain older savegames.
  • Fixed race distribution of characters on stations.
  • Fixed crew on ships sometimes not properly switching to new owner.
  • Fixed NPC pilots sometimes sitting on player's lap.
  • Fixed missing trade corners on trading stations which also have faction representative.
  • Fixed NPCs looking up or down when talking to player.
  • Fixed characters sometimes standing inside their terminals.
  • Fixed Split character sometimes being placed in cockpit floor in Fires of Defeat gamestart.
  • Fixed HQ manager in Accomplished Scientist gamestart sometimes being invisible Kha'ak or Xenon character.
  • Fixed incorrect hints in Flight School when playing with configuration of multiple joysticks or controllers.
  • Fixed success criteria in sabotage mission.
  • Fixed already opened core-shield switching to closed when loading savegame in Paranid storyline.
  • Fixed game freezing if fulfilling mission by delivering fleet that is directly subordinate to player.
  • Fixed missing guidance to mission character in End of Terrorism/Oppression missions under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed NPC ships avoiding player during payment objective of End of Oppression/Terrorism Split story mission.
  • Fixed multiple crew delivery missions reacting to delivering NPC.
  • Fixed Split Vs Argon mission referencing Paranid ship types.
  • Fixed player becoming member of receiving faction when handing over ship while in pilot seat.
  • Fixed Deliver Crew mission checking incorrect skills and sometimes leading to mission not completing.
  • Fixed Yu t'Knk in Split storyline providing unlimited number of spacesuit bombs.
  • Fixed Split Story mission Zyarth's Coffin getting stuck after completing delivery.
  • Fixed issue with Split-specific Fleet War Mission requesting non-existent ship equipment.
  • Fixed Kha'ak stations offering signal leak missions.
  • Fixed Escape Plan mission sometimes stalling if left for too long.
  • Fixed escape pods not launching in Hatikvah Breakdown mission.
  • Fixed Split plot not progressing when Passenger gets lost during Rebellious Thralls mission.
  • Fixed missing guidance to NPC during Suspicious Split mission in Split story.
  • Fixed HQ story signal leak not appearing during specific phase of Hatikvah story.
  • Fixed attacking drones in Hatikvah story not turning hostile to player as intended.
  • Fixed multiple repair satellite missions in trade subscription not progressing.
  • Fixed By Invitation Only mission to speak to Dal Busta sometimes not having guidance.
  • Fixed upkeep mission to assign construction vessel not appearing for newly planned stations.
  • Fixed mission NPC not respawning in Split End of Terrorism and End of Oppression story missions.
  • Fixed another case of Escape Plan mission sometimes stalling.
  • Fixed A Small Errand mission getting stuck if all lockboxes are opened in quick succession.
  • Fixed Rebellious Thralls mission in Split story getting stuck after hijacked ship surrendered.
  • Fixed crew delivery missions not aborting automatically if destination station is destroyed
  • Fixed Duke's Tempest not attempting to claim sectors during invasions.
  • Fixed Retrieve Inventory mission potentially aborting when mission item is picked up.
  • Fixed Supreme Interior Design and A Fearsome Flagship missions sometimes getting stuck despite all wares having been delivered.
  • Fixed Abort Mission button wrongly appearing enabled under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Ships in Construction entries showing 1:00 as time left when completed.
  • Fixed broken safe deposit storage menu when closing it under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed cut-off Ship Interactions menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed cut-off encyclopedia descriptions.
  • Fixed highlight visitor setting turning off in certain situations.
  • Fixed licence icon in ship selection of Ship Build menu disappearing sometimes.
  • Fixed misplaced sorting arrow in Load Game menu.
  • Fixed missing icons in certain menus with specific resolution, UI scale and language combinations.
  • Fixed overlapping texts in player info box in upper left corner of some menus.
  • Fixed menu crash in Crew Information menu in certain situations.
  • Fixed missing warning when trying to trade with station that only has capital ship build modules.
  • Fixed mission guidance on Map not showing multiple objectives correctly.
  • Fixed order lines being shown on Map even if object icon is filtered out.
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of Map objects by name in certain cases.
  • Fixed wrongly aligned background elements in expanded flow-chart nodes.
  • Fixed rounding issues when truncating text.
  • Fixed rotation input on station plot placement map.
  • Fixed access to Ship Overview menu for laser towers and drones.
  • Fixed stuck Ship Configuration menu when deleting custom loadout.
  • Fixed stuck Map after closing context menus.
  • Fixed excessively large selection area for order and guidance lines when using mouse on Map.
  • Fixed paint modification encyclopedia entries being wrongly re-added to inventory ware category.
  • Fixed ware exchange option being available for ships with which docking is not possible.
  • Fixed deceptive trade offer prices and amounts if trade offer information is out of date.
  • Fixed NPCs appearing as full-screen background of Map menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed scaling for New Default Behaviour context menu.
  • Fixed visible sector description text changing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed resource probes showing zero yield in locations with resources.
  • Fixed some areas on map being coloured as though they contain mineral resources when this is not the case.
  • Fixed logical station overview incorrectly listing ware reservations that do not influence production or trade offers.
  • Fixed not being able to remove buy offers for products under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Bling Bling achievement being granted by looking at Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed station module and ship blueprints being available without any reputation restriction.
  • Fixed excessive credits sometimes being transferred to player when cancelling upgrade.
  • Fixed weapon cooldown delay re-starting when another weapon finishes cooling down.
  • Fixed ships with turrets that are in storage doing damage when player is not present.
  • Fixed gates and superhighways sometimes being shown outside sectors on Map.
  • Fixed cut-off text in Encyclopedia descriptions under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Sector Info menu not being displayed correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed incorrect display of settings in Extensions menus after restoring defaults.
  • Fixed inability to give piloting or management seminars to pilots or managers via Personnel Management Menu.
  • Fixed inability to give piloting seminars to player's relief pilot.
  • Fixed logbook entries being added for NPC ships bailing following attacks by other NPCs.
  • Fixed inconsistent faction relation display when using cover.
  • Fixed encyclopedia showing incorrect Sustained Weapon Output for beam weapons.
  • Fixed doubled group entries when assigning ships under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed ship constructions in Logical Station Overview showing negative progress when finished.
  • Fixed map filters not being applied correctly after selecting plot in Manage Plots menu.
  • Fixed number of queued orders being visible on ships with insufficient revealed info.
  • Fixed station modules sometimes listed twice in Object List or Property Owned.
  • Fixed interrupted text input when using HOTAS or similar input methods.
  • Fixed being dragged into wall by cockpit hatch in Chimera and Asp.
  • Fixed Theseus being able to equip mining lasers.
  • Fixed floating geometry on graphene production module.
  • Fixed several misaligned surface elements.
  • Fixed unsuitable shop areas appearing on certain stations.
  • Fixed missing doors for spacesuit docks on station dock areas.
  • Fixed redundant info text on radar for selected target using certain screen aspect ratios.
  • Fixed graphical corruption of guidance on Map.
  • Fixed inability to interact in first person mode in certain savegames.
  • Fixed getting stuck in floor when in docked capital ship.
  • Fixed being able to fall off dock area of Zeus.
  • Fixed missing visual element on hackable console in security office.
  • Fixed parts of venture room vanishing depending on view angle.
  • Fixed flipped player logo on Asp.
  • Fixed player logo on Boa not being completely visible.
  • Fixed hole in Pegasus cockpit roof.
  • Fixed incorrect colour on Paranid mass driver beam.
  • Fixed rolling character eyes.
  • Fixed Alert menu not being shown under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed cases where targeting gate displayed triangular target element instead of rectangular one.
  • Fixed cases of untargetable objects in first-person mode in certain cases (e.g. pilot chairs on newly constructed ships).
  • Fixed faction relation bar in target monitor not updating.
  • Fixed duplicate nebula rendering during certain conversations.
  • Fixed engine boost effect not being visually attached to medium sized engines.
  • Fixed missing barrel rotation on Bolt Repeater and Neutron Gatling.
  • Fixed Kha'ak turret muzzle flash not being visually connected to barrel.
  • Fixed message cutscenes continuing to play in background when selecting another message or menu tab.
  • Fixed Game Paused not being visible during Game Over.
  • Fixed flickering objects during Game Over.
  • Fixed certain sounds being played using incorrect volume setting.
  • Fixed Tobii devices not being detected with recent Tobii drivers.
  • Fixed several causes of performance issues.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.