XO: The Game

Inspired by Battlestar Galactica and FTL, XO is a ”fleet building adventure blending real-time strategy with pause, political intrigue and a relentless drive to survive”. Brought to you by Jumpdrive Studios, an indie outfit out of Portland Oregon, XO is currently in early access at steam. The premise is… well somewhat un-original, you take command […]

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Tharsis review

An anonymous quote states “They couldn’t find the artist, so they hung the picture”… and I find myself wondering if it is possible to hang a game. If it is, then Tharsis by Choice Provisions would make an excellent candidate for that hanging. As a spaceship/survival game, Tharsis is all over the place. There are […]

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FTL Review

I have been playing this game off and on for about three months now (yeah I have had it for years and just now playing it …) and it is a nice game for someone that may not have a lot of time to game. Granted some play sessions could take some time, but if […]

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