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Flight of Nova  


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June 29, 2020 06:49  

Bit of a weird one this, looks like a futurist version of Orbiter or a space shuttle game so it's going to be realistic and on a full size planet although not much of a planet for sight seeing. Should be out next year.



From Steam

  Flight Of Nova is a flight simulation in which you take control of spacecrafts near a planet called NVA-31. As pilot, you train to fly on several types of crafts based on realistic aerodynamic and orbital physic during transport and search mission scenarios.
Missions involves being able to put vessels into orbit, rendezvous with stations, or survive atmosphere reentry to land in one piece at surface outposts.
The planet Nova is about 12'700 km diameter and is at full-scale in the game.

Flight Of Nova features two gameplay modes:
In Scenarios, start at a specific location, altitude and velocity to complete a one goal mission.
In Rogue mode, explore the vast game area from orbital stations to outposts as you gain skills and access more spacecrafts in order to figure out why you were sent on that lost world.

Key Features:

* Realistic gravitation and orbital physics
* Atmospheric density based on earth data
* Aerodynamic drag corresponding to vessel shape
* Drag / air friction energy calculations
* Real-time accurate orbital data
* Orbital stations and docking system
* Planet surface outposts
* Real-time control over crafts
* Full-scale body diameter 12’700 km
* Search and transport missions
* Quick flight challenges

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November 6, 2020 13:05  

Was just wondering if this was still going and a short but nice video has popped up on YouTube and it looks like it's still on for may next year.