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To all SSC Station occupants

Thank you for the donations over the past year (2023), it is much appreciated. I am still trying to figure out how to migrate the forums to another community software (probably phpbb). SSC has been around a while so their is some very long time members here still using the site, thanks for making SSC home and sorry I haven't been as vocal as I should be in the forums I will try to improve my posting frequency.

Thank you again to all of the members that do take the time to donate a little, it helps keep this station functioning on the outer reaches of space.


Welcome to SpaceSimCentral

Welcome to SpaceSimCentral

Introduce Yourself to SSC (1 viewing)

You have finally traversed the vastness of space to find SpaceSimCentral, one of the most obscure outposts in our known space. Now that you have arrived you can relax in knowing that you are protected by this community of space going adventurers. So be friendly and introduce yourself to your fellow adventurers.


SSC Administration

Any and all news related to will be posted here. If you have any issues, gripes, complaints or recommendations please post them here. I should be able to get to your post/issue with 24-48hrs.